Lady the Dog

Lady the Dog – July 27, 2008 | March 12, 2018

I remember when Meghan, Brent, and I first held you. You had that puppy-fat belly and wanted to get down to run and play with your sister. Do you remember jumping off that retaining wall only to hurt your shoulder?

I remember how happy Mom was to see you at the airport when she picked you up. The Delta Airlines Freight employees thought you were a super cute puppy. Yeah, you were.

I remember Mom telling me how you and she went for walks in French Park down by the creek.

I remember when I’d get home after sixteen hours of driving from New Hampshire to see you and Mom. I’d growl at the back door, you’d do that puppy-courage bark, I’d make the monster sound hiding around the corner, you’d pee yourself and then run back into the family room to huddle next to Mom.

I remember how Mom took you to training classes and you’d do the lazy sit.

I remember how Mom trained you to lay down, turn around and look at us.

I remember when you’d play orange ball but not give it back.

I remember when you’d bark and bite at the waves in the lake.

I remember you scratching me while we swam together.

I remember you crying like a baby when we locked you in the house as we’d walk down the hill to go kayaking. You knew you couldn’t swim that far silly dog!

I remember when you’d be a troll at the top of the steps not letting the cats up to their food.

I remember you being Nala’s tool. She’d peer at you looking under the couch, see what way you were facing and then dart right past you like greased lightning. Your whimpers, while you chased after her, were pathetic.

I remember you licking the empty peanut butter jars and you warning me not to try to take it away from you. I knew better. But you let Mom have the jar anytime she wanted it. You trusted her.

I remember you taking naps on frosty winter mornings as the warm sun would stream into my basement office.

Meghan remembers how much you loved swimming in the lake, even when the water was freezing cold.

Meghan and Brent remember you swimming far out into the lake as they paddleboarded. When you were tired, you tried to climb up on their boards to rest.

Achilles, Meghan and Brent’s fierce cat, had no use for you.

Meghan remembers how happy you were to see her when she’d come back home to visit. You’d not stop jumping or nipping at her for close to half an hour it seemed like.

Meghan remembers when she’d come home, you’d sleep right next to her like you were her own personal bodyguard. And if Meghan woke up during the night, you’d nuzzle her to be pet.

Meghan remembers sneaking treats to you.

Tristan remembers when Mom and I would leave you for a week to travel back to see Grandpa. Right after we left, you’d lay up next to the front door for hours. Tristan said eventually you’d come down and lay quietly next to him until we got back.

Tristan remembers you laying on the warm basement floor in your cozy dog bed.

Tristan remembers you trying to mooch peanut butter after midnight. Holding up your paw was a dirty trick.

I remember you tangling with the porcupine the day Kelly and I took you for a walk.

I remember you getting too close to the skunk.

I remember you chasing deer.

I remember you chasing squirrels.

I remember the chipmunk chatter driving you crazy.

I remember you digging to China to get the chipmunks. That’s how you skinned your nose.

I remember you biting bees.

I remember that dark night you went chasing after some animal up the big hill above the house. Your barking became fainter and fainter until I could barely hear you.  I whistled and whistled for you to come back. I thought you lost your way. But you didn’t. I was so very happy to see you on the porch.

I remember you barking each night at the invisible animals outside.

I remember making hoot owl sounds that would make you bark. Mom wasn’t happy when I did it inside.

I remember us playing snow.

I remember us playing water.

I remember you making it very hard to wash my truck.

I remember you making it nearly impossible to shovel snow.

I remember how you used to tell us how hard it was snowing by the amount you brought back in on your jet-black fur.

I remember looking through the man-cave window down at your tracks in the fresh snow. Some days you’d roll in the snow taking a snow-bath. Now nothing’s going to disturb the white carpet.

I remember how angry you got at the central vacuum. You would bark and want to bite the brush. I think you didn’t like the rushing air.

I remember how many thousands of times I opened and closed the gate so the cats could rest without you bothering them.

I remember how much you loved romaine lettuce stalks.

I remember how well your hearing was. No matter how slowly and carefully I’d try to open the stiff cellophane bag of mini-pretzels while you were downstairs or in the other room, you’d be next to me within seconds looking up at me for your share.

I remember how you’d loiter in the kitchen each night as dinner was made wandering ’round and ’round the island. You knew someone would drop something.

I remember never having to sweep the kitchen floor because you ate every crumb and morsel that ever touched the floor.

I remember you helping me load the dishwasher. You’d lick the plates and silverware trying to do your best to keep the septic tank in great shape. The men at Rowell’s told me you did an excellent job.

I remember being upset with you some days telling you to run away. You know I didn’t mean it and you always forgave me.

I remember when you, Mr. Cluett and I went for a hike. Mr. Cluett loved you too.

Mom remembers that you weren’t really a Lady, but more like a bull in a china shop.

Mom and I remember when you’d go outside just to eat bird food.

I remember you making your nest in the mulch at the end of the sidewalk to lay in the warm sun.

I remember you jumping up into Brian’s UPS truck.

I remember you having no manners with Brian insisting he give you three or four dog biscuits. He’s going to miss you too.

I remember boxes on the front porch with a dog biscuit left on top for you.

I remember you coming up in the morning with me to the man cave and putting your head against my leg.

I remember how forlorn you’d look when you saw me come out of the bedroom with my carry-on bag. You were so smart and knew I was leaving, but not for how long.

I remember getting back from business trips and how you’d knock me over on the front sidewalk you were so happy to see me. Not once did you ever scold me for staying away so long.

I remember all your fur. Everywhere.

I remember you being my shadow.

I remember you always pushing the door open. You just had to be first to check out what the cats had been doing.

I remember you and me sitting in the living room waiting for Mom to come up and start dinner. It was always so quiet there with you at my feet.

I remember you telling me you were hungry. Those were the only times I ever heard you complain.

I remember Mom getting angry at me because we’d sham fight before dinner. “Take it outside you two!”, she’d shout.

I remember you biting me when we’d play, but only so hard to let me know you could tear me apart if you wanted to.

I remember you being outside the bedroom door laying on your back against the wall in the morning.

I remember when you’d go for a morning swim.

I remember you laying in your comfy bed chair.

I remember how you hated getting your picture taken by me, but Kelly could do it anytime she wanted.

Kelly remembers how much you loved to go to the beach with her, especially to watch the sun kiss the clouds goodnight.

Kelly remembers taking lots of photos with you, especially toe-to-toe.

I remember whenever I’d lace up my boots, you’d come over and nuzzle against my hands because you knew we were going outside. You love love loved going outside, didn’t you?

I remember saying, “Let’s go up to the mailbox!” and you’d follow me each time.

I remember how you smelled like dog. I know you don’t believe me, but I’m going to miss that too.

I remember how every winter morning when we’d go into the garage so I could get up to the man cave I’d have to tell you why I couldn’t leave the garage door open for you. You always turned left wanting to go outside. You were so predictable. 😉

I remember how each Sunday when I pulled the car into the garage after arriving home from church Mom would make me wait for you. She’d open the front door, let you out, and you’d come bounding around the corner saying in dog speak, “Welcome home! I thought you’d never get back!” Your ears were flattened and you were so happy to see Mom and me. I was so very happy to see you too. That’s why I always waited and exclaimed, “What took you so long to get here?”

I remember how much you loved me to massage your paws in the morning.

I remember how each morning you go outside and anytime you came back in you’d want to follow me. But lately I noticed you had a tough time climbing the steps to the man cave. I just thought your hips were bothering you. I now think you didn’t have the energy.

I remember saying goodnight to you before I’d go to bed.

I remember many a day before dawn when I was in that halfway place between sleep and awake you’d move to a new resting position outside the bedroom door. You’d let out that slow groan from sleeping on the hardwood floor for who-knows-how-long as you protected Mom and me from intruders. As you got to a new comfortable position, your dog tags would jingle and clank on the floor.

I remember coming out in the morning most days, kneeling down next to you in your bed chair and stroking your nose. I’d whisper to you how it was going to be a great day. You always looked me in the eyes and agreed.

I remember your unconditional love and affection.

I remember this last sunrise we shared together. We both stood so quietly on the deck. I had no idea days later you’d be gone.

I remember the happy look on your face when you grabbed the green ball from the snow minutes before you collapsed and got dizzy.

I remember you walked to the end of the sidewalk because you thought I was leaving you forever without saying “Goodbye, sweetheart”, didn’t you? I was just moving my truck so we could race you to Dr. Julie. You had such a relieved look in your eyes when you saw me walk over to pick you up and lay you gently in the back of Mom’s car.

I remember you crying one last time in Mom’s car as we rushed you to see Dr. Julie.

I remember Mom softly stroking your head as you took your last breath. I stood helplessly hoping in shock while Dr. Julie did all she could to save you.

I remember how warm and peaceful you were when I held you that last time.

I remember that loving look in your eyes before Mom and I walked out of the room.

I remember thinking how dreadful today would be.

I remember trying to eat dinner and looking for you under the dining room table before I moved my legs. But you weren’t there and my heart sank.

I remember not wanting to come out of the bedroom the next day because I knew you’d not be there.

I remember thinking how hard it would be not to see you, but not this hard.

I knew I loved you, but didn’t quite understand how much until now.

I’ll never ever forget you Lady the Dog.

I can’t wait until I see you again.

Kathy, the kids and I want to thank Dr. Julie and the entire staff of the Interlakes Animal Hospital for their great skills in doing all possible to save Lady the Dog. We deeply appreciate their compassion and love in allowing us to say a very private goodbye to Lady. Thank you Dr. Julie.

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  1. What a loving tribute to your loving family member who crossed over the rainbow bridge too soon but & who will be with you one day. My parents, too, had a loving “Lady,” a dearly loved border collie, who passed too young but who is now with them both above while I have beautiful memories here for recall as do you of your Lady. We now have 2 wonderful cairn terriers that are dearly loved — Chloe is 10 years old Cooper is 1.5 years old — well loved family members who return that love in so many ways! Stay strong with beautiful memories to perhaps guide you to create & enjoy new puppy loves as you continue this road of life, good friend….

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  5. I just now read your tribute to Lady … don’t know why I missed it before. But it means even more to me now. We had only had Scout (a 7-yr old yellow lab) for 18 mos; she was raised by our younger son from a pup, and we had taken care of her when he was out of town. Finally, he gave her to us saying we had spoiled her too much.

    After several months of treating her for several medical issues, we had to put her to sleep on 6/30/18. During her last adventure, she had tried to go swimming in a small pond in the Smoky Mountains, but because she had vestibular syndrome, she became disoriented and nearly drowned. I “saved” her to rush her to the emergency animal clinic here in Knoxville, TN. They tried O2 saturation therapy for more than 24 hours, but when her prognosis became “guarded at best” and she was struggling to breathe, we couldn’t let her suffer any more and held her as she quickly went to sleep for the last time.

    I’m sure the 2 of them are playing mischieviously in Heaven … and yes, I do believe our pets go to heaven! May God bless you for your devotion to Lady … and your love for all of us as you share your numerous stories and adventures.

  6. Your story of your sweet Lady was so heart warming and it touched me. My husband and I just lost our sweet girl, Schatzie last Sunday 3/18. She was 13 and we had her put to rest here in our house. She looked almost identical to your “Lady”. She was black lab/German Shepherd and looked like an all black German Shepherd. She was our first dog together before my husband and I got married and she was like our daughter we never had. It’s so hard leaving a beloved 4 legged child. It just seems so empty in the house without them. My condolences to you and your family as we definitely know how hard it is trying to live your life without someone that brought so much joy and love to it. This was a beautiful story and really told us how special she was to you. Always keep her close in your heart and her memories will always live on. She is your angel now and will continue to watch over and protect you and your wife. Much love to you,

  7. Tim we are so sorry for your loss.Your tribute brought tears to our eyes. We understand your loss. We have 5 mini schnauzers in brass urns on the headboard of our bed from the last 30 years.

  8. Tim and Family: time and time again we have lost fur-babies, all rescued, and time does heal a bit but you always keep them at the tip of your heart and in your memory. Until we all meet again.

  9. Tim: so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute to such a beautiful dog. I’ve lost my long time miniature schnauzer Jazzy last September. I know how it feels.

  10. Tim, Kathy, and family, what a heartfelt, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching tribute to Lady the Dog. She was blessed to be part of such a loving family.

  11. We are sorry for your loss. Being pet owners we understand how much pain you are going thru.
    Mike & Judy

  12. Tim, try to dwell on the great times and love you shared with each other. The hole in your heart will never heal completely, and maybe that is good. It may be filled soon with another canine friend. God bless you and your family in this time of pain.

  13. Our pets are special and losing them is very hard. It sounds like Lady went quickly and quietly, something we all hope for with our own furry little ones when the end must inevitably come.

    May time heal all, though it won’t. Not really. Not completely, anyway.

  14. I couldn’t help but cry as I read your memories of Lady. They were so like my memories of my little Cavvie, Sunshine, who died in my arms at home, after a heart attack. Dogs are not pets, they are family members. Hold Lady’s memories close to your heart, where she used to nestle when she needed a cuddle. Those special moments will be yours forever. With love from me in Australia xx

  15. So sorry for your loss Tim. I am still suffering from the loss of my furry family member from this last fall. I can see you have a lot of great memories to sustain you! God Bless!

  16. So sorry for your loss, Tim. Losing a dog has to be one of the most difficult things there is. What a wonderful remembrance you penned for her. You’ve brought many to tears, I’m sure. May she rest in peace.

  17. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful 4-legged fur baby. Our fur babies are such a big part of the family. They give and ask for nothing in return. A difficult day is made better by a wagging tail and a wet nose. They know when we don’t feel well. They know when we are upset, and they have a way of making us feel better. Lady will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge where you will cross together. In the meantime, she is playing with my Lady, Whitey, JJ, Sean, Cash, Bingo, Holly, Cassie, Sweetheart, Timmy, Jock and, Prince. All lived for 10 years or longer, but it was too short for each one. Each had his or her own idiosyncrasies, but all were devoted family members and still missed every day. May God comfort you at this difficult time.

  18. Hey Tim,
    My heart goes out to you and your family. I know the loss one feels when they lose their best four legged furry friend and family member. Some how it does not seem fair that there lives are not long enough. Yet, in that short time they give us lots of wonderful memories to be happy about for a long time.

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss. I am crying with you, as I’m sure are many others who are aware of the passing of Lady the Dog. May the Holy Spirit comfort you and your family.

  20. What a great tribute to someone who was truly a loved family member. I’ve always thought it is a shame that our dogs only get to spend such a short time on earth with us.
    They leave us with great memories that we cherish long after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.

  21. You gave Lady a beautiful , heartfelt tribute that she deserved. She was so lucky to have you and your wife as her parents. You gave her a great life and she responded with unconditional love for you. My heart hurts for you folks as I know what you are going through. I lost my canine best friend a short time ago. My sincere condolences. Rest in peace Lady.

  22. Tim and family, I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one. The song is a beautiful tribute to your Lady. There will be times when you think you can feel her nudging against you or walking around in the house or yard; you aren’t imaging it. She’s still there with you in spirit forever.

  23. There are just no words. Treasure her memory and live like she would have wanted you to! You have another angel on your shoulder and you will see her again! Next time she will be waiting for you at the airport!

  24. What a beautiful Lady, may she enjoy frolicking in heaven, tears running down my face as I read your memorial. Rest In Peace Lady.

  25. They’re all so special and help us through the hard times, bring us joy and expect so little in return. So sorry for your loss, the memories will always be there.

  26. So sorry for your loss. Dogs, cats, any pet is not just “an animal” but an important member of “the pack”. We miss them terribly when they are gone and it takes forever to lose the pain and revel in the memories. Your memory page is a wonderful way to keep those memories fresh for the future. May it and God’s grace bring your family peace and happiness in the future.

  27. To Tim and Family
    So sorry to to hear of your loss , it is very hard. But just think of all the happy memories she has left you with, you will have them for the rest of your lives.
    There will be days when you feel she is still with you.

  28. Tim and family,

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend. These wonderful blessings really bring so much joy to our lives yet I often wonder why their lives seem so short. Perhaps it is so we appreciate every day we share with them.
    I hope your wonderful memories of Lady will in time bring comfort and healing to your hearts.

  29. To Tim and Family
    Love is what is shown throughout your memorial and she will continue to be loved. My family and I are sorry for your loss and send our deepest condolences. We will all pray that your pain will ease through time and fond memories.

  30. Very, very sorry for your loss. We lost a shepherd, Duke, a few years ago and just last week lost our yellow lab, Zeus, last week. Hopefully we will see them all in the future. Take care

  31. She is not dead. She is playing in the dogs heaven, surrounded by light and brightness. And she is thankful that you gave her a good life.

  32. Beautiful Lady. It’s hard to lose our precious furry children. Sorry for your loss.
    I’m sure she’s enjoying doggie heaven.

  33. Condolences to you and your family Tim on the loss of your beloved family member.. You’ll always have great memories and photos of her and she’ll always be there in spirit just over the rainbow bridge, always looking down on you.

  34. So sorry for your family loss, I know it’s one of the hardest things in life. I went through this twice in four years and still to this day I talk to them both every day. You just have to keep positive and remember all the great times you had with Lady the Dog. She will always be looking and protecting your family.

  35. So sorry to hear of your loss. Our pets become such a big part of our family. Lady sounds to have been a great dog that was loved very much by her family. RIP Lady the Dog.

  36. Tim and family,

    Thank God, He gave us hands with fingers, so I can type this… as I know I couldn’t speak now to tell you how moving your memorial to Lady is! That big old lump in my throat is reminding me just how special the relationship is that your family had together with Lady. You all lost a family member when Lady took her last breath here on earth. Please accept my condolences. Lady, run and jump and run some more in peace!

  37. Tim
    Sorry for your loss. I never thought I would correspond with you until I read your tribute. I feel your pain as Lady was an integral part of the family as our pets to our fam.

    RIP Lady,
    Tim Israels

  38. Tim and family,
    So sorry to hear about your loss. Judging by the amount of responses most people feel the same way.
    Amazing how close people and pets become.
    The unconditional love a dog shows is why I think it’s so hard when they leave.
    Gone but not forgotten.
    Condolences, Marty

  39. My deepest condolences. I lost my good buddy Muttley in 2015 when he was only about 11, and now I have a senior red GSD named Mr Tibbs. I live alone and my animals are my loving companions. Lady was a beautiful dog, inside and out. The memorial you created is wonderful and sweet.

  40. Paw prints in your heart forever. Lady will be watching near the Rainbow Bridge to meet again. Still grieving after all these years. Prayers.

  41. ive had 5 shepherdsover the last 40 years . each one was better than i could have hoped for. the hardest part of owning one is the day they leave you on this earth. we will all see them again sorry

  42. Beautiful tribute, Tim and family. We don’t realize how little time they actually have here with us until it’s too late. My family has been through it several times and it’s never easy and it always hurts. Condolences and peace to you. God bless our faithful pals!

  43. Your Lady was very lucky to have had you as her family. I have had to put down many dogs, cats, and horses over the years, and as they go I always send them off with this silent prayer: “May you be today with God in Heaven, for we know that He made all of us and He loves all of us.”

    And I’m sure that He does.

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  45. #LadyTheDog

    Very touching – I’ve been there with more cats than dogs, but while removing those bits of my hearts hurt, I claim all the love and good times those missing heart bits represent.

    Jean Colson
    Bradenton, FL

  46. My deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved Lady.

    German Shepherds are so incredibly intelligent and loyal.

    Be comforted in knowing that Lady had a life of love. She had a wonderful life. I wish that dogs had longer lifespans.

    Grief is the price we pay for love.

    I recommend that you make a charitable donation in Lady’s name to an animal rescue or canine disease research organization.

  47. My heart aches for all of you! What a lovely tribute you have created. I dread the day we lose our two doggies…but I believe they will be in eternal life.

  48. What a beautiful memorial page. I can’t say anything else due to the tears running down my face. God bless Lady and all of you.

  49. Dear Tim & Family…St. Francis of Assisi will bless your love for “Lady”…may GOD bless you & your family, (& the beautiful memorial to Lady, that left tears running down my cheeks). Being an 89 YO ‘Geezer’, I pray my passing will preceed that of our wonderful Labby, “Ottley” (he’s eight years old). Last year we lost Ottley’s 17 YO Mother, “Chance”, sooo we know what you’re enduring! Sincerely, Kitty A.

  50. So sorry to hear of your loss Tim. I am a dog owner myself and I can’t imagine how hard it is to go through this. They are every bit a member of the family. I’m sure Lady was very happy with the time she spent with her family.

  51. Oh my, such a loss of a creature that gives us unconditional love. My heart and sympathies go out to you and your family.
    Your tribute brought tears to my eyes having lost several dogs and cats. It is never easy, but in time……


  52. Tim,
    Your heartfelt words brought tears to my eyes. Sadness for your loss but happiness knowing the joy that Lady brought to you and your family. Your testimonial clearly states what a lucky dog Lady was.
    All Dogs Go To Heaven.

  53. So sorry for your loss. Pets are definitely a big part of a family. I still miss our Cocker Spaniel, Freckles, after 20 years.

  54. What a beautiful tribute. I’m so sorry for your loss, It’s heart-breaking when you lose your best friend. Our fur babies are never with us long enough.

  55. To Lady’s human family: Thank you for such a very beautiful and loving tribute that every pet owner can surely relate to ! We must remember that since they are only here with us a short while, we should bring them as much love as we can. Our prayers are for your hearts to heal and to know that some day you will be playing with Lady again !

  56. I am sat here looking at my own black Labrador and I am in tears reading this, he is old now and I am dreading the day when I have to say goodbye,even though Live a thousand miles away in England I share your pain. God bless lady RIP.

  57. As a dog lover I can feel your pain and offer my sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of Lady. I cannot stop crying after reading the special memorial to her, which speaks volumes of your love for her and her love for you. I recently lost my best friend and buddy to cancer. The hurt never leaves, but does become more tolerable. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.

  58. I’ave always thought that a dogs love was the best example of how God loves us…unconditionally…and how we can so fully love them back…because we know they won’t hurt us and will give so much love and acceptance back. We love them deeply…I’m sorry for your and your wife’s loss.

  59. Such a moving tribute to your four-legged family member. Gone, but never forgotten. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  60. We lost our Golden Retriever Wilson who was almost 11 years old, just over 6 years ago. Wilson was the Best. Wilson and all dogs give us LOVE, LOYALTY, JOY, FRIENDSHIP, HAPPINESS, COMPANIONSHIP, AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. So we know exactly what you are going through. It is tough and rough and a heart breaker. Remember the good times and may Lady RIP. Our sincerest condolences to you and your family.

  61. I am sobbing as I am reading your beautiful memories of Lady My deepest sympathy to you, Kathy, and family. We have felt the incredible pain of losing three precious dogs—our first Yorkie in 1993 at 17 and 1/2 years old, the second Yorkie in 2004 just under 11 years old, and our last, a Collie/Samoyed in 2010 at around 12. She had followed some children home from school. We tried our best to find her owners by contacting all vets, the Humane Society, and an ad to no avail. It was meant to be. She was the most gentle loving dog we could have asked for. We felt so grateful that she found us and gave and received so much love for almost 12 years.. Lady surely knew your love for her.

    What you have done with your immediate tribute is wonderful and will help you in the future. Thank you for revealing your pain.
    Many men try not to show their true feelings. We could not bear to get another dog so we got a kitten—and adopted several more homeless ones since then. I didn’t think they could capture my heart like our dogs, but they have. My family and I could barely mention our dogs’ names for quite some time because of the pain. But it does get better—it literally took years before I could talk about them without tears. Then we could laugh at all the funny things we did together. They are truly family like our children. One person mentioned that the Bible doesn’t tell us if our pets go to Heaven. God created them to be our companions to share unconditional love. He may have a wonderful surprise waiting for us when we see our other loved family members. May God grant you comfort. In time you may find another dog who desperately needs a loving home.

  62. If I’m reincarnated, I’d like to come back as your dog. You gave Lady so much love. You’ll meet again on “Rainbow Bridge”.

  63. I’m sorry to hear about your beautiful dog “Lady”. Pets are family and it’s very tough when we lose them.

  64. She’s waiting for you there, just over the sunset. Sitting patiently in the light of God’s love. Try hard, maybe you can see her. She can easily see you all.

  65. What a wonderful tribute to Lady. So very sorry for you and your family Tim. We lost our Golden Retriever of 14 years last fall and understand the loss you feel. May God comfort you and your family.

  66. Tim,

    We have been there several times with the German Shepherds we have had. It hurts.

    May the Lord draw you and turn you to himself and comfort you.

  67. Dear Tim, Kathy and Family, So sorry to hear of the passing of your fur baby, Lady . As I read your tribute to Lady, tears were streaming down my face as I could feel the love, joy that your family shared towards Lady and vice versa. Her unconditional love was never taken for granted. Lady’s passing is one of the toughest days in our lives. May you cherish the many fond memories of your time together with Lady!

    Sincerely yours,

  68. Very sorry for your loss. I have been there and done that 3 times and it never gets easier. I would like to make you feel better by telling that time will heal your loss but it won’t. Every time you walk thru the house you will expect to see Lady. when you are sitting in your easy chair you will think you just saw her walk by. Your home will have a new quiet.
    Now for the up side. You will always know she gave you her love, loyalty, and respect that no human is capable of. She made rainy days sunny, snow days warm and sunny warm days the best thing ever.
    Lady wasn’t democrat or republican, she wasn’t Christian or Jew etc . Lady was one of Gods best creations, she was what us humans should strive to be. Lady will be waiting for you and your family on Rainbow bridge.

  69. Lady’s love was unconditional and her life was wonderful in adventures and in people who also loved her back. She will always have big footprints on your family’s hearts.

  70. What a beautiful memorial to your sweet sweet Lady! As hard as it is to lose her, I know, much like the dogs/cats that we’ve lost, that you wouldn’t trade the pain for ALL the love that was shared. ❤️

  71. tim
    so sorry for you loss of your pet lady. as I sit here and write this, I have my 15 year old golden retriever laying next to me who has been receiving pill chemo for a for several months now for the cancer she is suffering from. I know that day is coming for INDY and it won’t be easy. my deepest sympathies to you and your family for your loss.

  72. Oh, the silence in your home without Lady – heartbreaking devastation. Perhaps she’s chasing balls in heaven with all the dogs we’ve recently lost. Hope she meets my Farley the Wonderdog

  73. You got me crying. I know your hearts are broken. We are dog people, and our dogs are just like our children. The more time that passes, the less you’ll mourn, but she will always be a part of your heart and in your thoughts. You were obviously wonderful dog parents and Lady was very lucky to be able to spend her life in your home. You should feel proud.

  74. Tim, our hearts go out to you and your family. We are so very sorry to hear of the loss of your precious, Lady. What a beautiful tribute you have made for her and what a beautiful girl she was. May you find comfort in the many wonderful memories you’ve shared over years together. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings and Comfort to you and yours.

  75. Sorry for your loss. All of us dog lovers know how you feel.
    We lost our Ladybug 3 years ago.She was an angel. We now have Pluto and Sweetie Pie to help fill the void. This starts their 3 year. Hang in there.

  76. So sorry for the loss of your furbaby. It is not easy to let them go. I lost my 16 year old kitty furbaby Patches, Oct. 30th last year. I still look for him and so do his brothers. They suffered a loss too.

  77. My heart felt condolences and understand the many tears that have been and will be shed for your beloved friend, companion and joy of your life. Two weeks ago I lost my 13 1/2 year old Corgi to a dreaded, progressive and in curable disease called Degenerative Myelopathy. It finally attacked his respiratory system. The grief and loss is unbearable as he was all I had left and I was his caretaker around the clock for two and a half years. My heart grieves sorely for him and for the loss of your precious loved one. May peace find it’s way to your mind, soul and spirit over this loss.

  78. So sorry for your loss to you and your family. I know she will always be with you in spirit. You will see her again. RIP Lady.

  79. Losing a pet is like losing a part of ourselves. I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious baby. RIP, Lady.


  81. Tim, my condolence to you and your family. Animals, especially dogs are as much of the family as your own sons and daughters. I know that she had a great life and was totally loved. I understand fully what that loss means to you.

  82. Sid Dinerstein on March 13, 2018 11:48 am said
    Tim, I know how you feel, my daughters dog lives down the street from us, is considered a member of the family. Always your best friend, always there for you, never complains. They are the best, you were lucky to share with Lady a very special relationship. You will never lose those wonderful memories and am sure Lady was lucky to have you in her life.

  83. So sorry to hear. Having gone through two dogs being put to sleep over the years, it was some of the worst emotional pain. Glad you gave her a good home for her life.

  84. I am so sorry. From personal experience, it is a loss like no other. May your wonderful memories of Lady help you and your family deal with the sadness you are now feeling.

  85. Tim, I truly feel your pain. Having lost three dogs already, and now facing the loss of our ailing 12 1/2 year-old black lab, reading your eulogy brought literal tears to my eyes. Of course, you will never forget Lady, and I believe our loved ones, including dogs, live on in our memories as if they were still alive.

  86. Tim,
    A wonderful tribute to a good friend. We feel your pain. We lost our 12 year old and 14 year old last year. It’s hard to imagine how they are intertwined in our lives.
    RIP Lady, run free!

  87. When they leave us they take a bigger part of us with them than we ever would think. Their unconditional love and loyalty is remembered and felt long after they leave.
    They are always our babies…..

  88. Very sad. We lost our “Holly” for similar heart related problems. They soon become one of the family. If I said, “Holly, want to go for a ride,” she would be in the car before I climbed in. She’s buried in our back yard, along with 2 cats we have had over the many years we’ve lived here. Our condolences.

  89. Tenderness and Love that you and your family shared for Lady. RIP in Peace beautiful girl. Lady will forever be in your Hearts and one day you will meet again at the rainbow bridge forever in Peace.

  90. “I remember thinking how hard it would be not to see you, but not this hard.”

    Tim- Your tribute to Lady was very moving, and I lost it at this line. I had the same experience/realization, and can empathize completely. I hope you and your family can find ways to keep your mind fixed on how good a life you gave her and vice versa.
    With deepest sympathy,

  91. Tim-so sorry for your loss. My wife and I just put down our 15 1/2 half year old Australian Shepherd. She was a world champion frisbee dog and a wonderful member of our family. A great tribute to your Lady the Dog. She was beautiful. Prayers for you and your family.

  92. I am so sorry to hear of Lady’s passing Tim. Believe me i know how you feel right now because i lost two beautiful loving greyhund’s and it’s been three years since my second one passed and i am not over it yet.I kept the ashes of both and go talk with them once in a while, on their birthday’s and such. I to never realized how difficult it would be to say goodbye and for the people that say it’s only a dog, they just have no idea. Time will lesson the pain Tim, but we will never ever forget them. Lady was a beautiful girl and no doubt she is in heaven with both of my guy’s, so there will come a time when we will join them again and i can just imagine how hard their tails will be wagging when they see us. Take Care Tim, God Bless and God Bless Lady

  93. I’m so sorry about your loss. We still miss our rescue dog CinderBoots, who passed away in 2008. He was a border collie, golden retriever, lab mix and he lived to be 18 years old. He was part of the family and we loved him so much. Take comfort in the memories and know that you gave Lady a wonderful life here on earth. I believe we will see our beloved pets again. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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  95. Tim, sorry for your loss. Been there brother. The lost of a trusted dog can bring a man to his knees. It is as if part of your spirit was lost also. At some point you will move forward. A home is not a home without a dog. Take cars.

  96. Only another dog lover can truly understand your pain. Dogs are God’s gift to us to teach us about unconditional love. May your heart find comfort in the precious memories you hold of your loyal companion.

  97. What a beautiful memorial you have given for such a very special member of your family. I have tears running down my face. This pain is devastating and sadly, nothing can really help. Please do try to take comfort in knowing she knew how much you all love her and returned that love unconditionally. I can see you gave her a wonderful life and how happy she was. You will meet again and in the meantime, her spirit will be forever with you. You and your family are in my prayers,

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  99. Tim, I have tears streaming down my face while I’m at work. I’m so very sorry for your loss., I know how you feel, we are having to put our 12 year old lab to sleep in the morning. There is no love like the unconditional love you get from man’s best friend. Saying good bye is truly one of the hardest things to do.

    RIP Lady the Dog

  100. Every time We lost one of our dogs a piece of me went with them. My deepest condolences to you and your family Tim. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think of the love and joy that our pets brought into our lives. Rest in Peace Lady.

  101. Tim,
    As I read your thoughts, tears welled up and I feel your pain deeply as we just lost our 3 year Boxer to heart disease, she died on my arms in our family room. Words cannot express the pain you feel and the constant wonder if you did enough. As lifetime pet owners we have been reassured our love and care made her short life love filled. From your thoughts, Lady had a wonderful love filled life and gave unconditional love to you and your family, she will never be forgotten. She is now in my heart also with all of our beloved pets and I pray for your inner peace.

  102. Sorry to hear the news, Tim, our sincere condolences on your loss. Have faith that Lady will always be with you, memories never die.

  103. So sorry for your loss. They are one of the family for sure. We have lost some in the past, and it is very difficult. I’ll be thinking of you and your family.

  104. I read every one of your remembrances. They are beautiful memories. Very very sorry for your loss. Give yourself a lot of time. I hope you find peace and remind yourself you gave her a beautiful life and she loved you as much as you loved her.

  105. Tim and Kathy, I’m so sorry about Lady. I remember her from when I first met you guys at Wags Park.. There’s nothing I could say to make it better. It just sucks.. Our condolences and thoughts are with you all…

    Peter and Dominique

  106. Very Sorry to hear that Tim. It’s very hard to fill the hole in your heart left by a loving pet. My best to you and your family.

  107. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it doesn’t help, but please know that Lady is with God in heaven. She is by your side in spirit. Animals are an example of God’s perfect love. I lost my cat, Smokey, several years ago, and it still hurts. Praying for you and your family.

  108. It is so hard to have to say goodbye-especially when it is without warning. I am so sorry for your loss of Lady.

  109. Tim – Lady told me that she wanted you to go to the Humane Society and rescue a dog who was just like her. She’ll thank you for it!

  110. Your fondest memories and wonderful times with Lady will last forever. You gave her a happy life and she loved being loyal to you. You made her so special and her last thoughts were “how could I be so lucky to be “their” Lady dog”?
    I once read that when your special companion passes on their only wish is that you give another companion the same love and devotion you gave them.
    Many condolences

  111. so Very sorry, dogs bring so much joy to our lives. I don’t know why their lives are so short, perhaps their short lives allows them to love so completely. Bless you for caring so much.

  112. What a beautiful memory page. Our doggies are our family. I’ve had to do this 7 times, so I certainly know your pain. At one point, we had four at a time. After losing our last one, Maxie at 16, (he was a Malamute mix) I don’t have any more, but that could change. Lady the Dog put her pawprints on your family’s heart. You’ll see her again. She’s waiting over the Rainbow Bridge.

  113. So sorry to hear, they are family,, and it hurts badly when they go. But their unconditional love makes it feel better, knowing you shared their life. Praying for you all

  114. Tim:
    Your page brought me to tears. I could feel your families love and grief. So sorry for your loss. Been there, done that. It will hurt less in time, but never go away. You just learn to live with it and treasure the memories.

  115. I am very sorry to hear your loss.
    Only thing comes to mind is how blessed he had been to be in your family and loved so much by everybody.

  116. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, what a wonderful memorial for your Lady. My heart is aching for your loss and all our fur babies that have passed. RIP Lady, hugs Tim and Family.

  117. RIP , Lady…And our condolences to you, Tim. We have never had dogs but rather cats over the years and losing these members of the family is just as hard, so we know the feeling. The late Billy Graham believed that our pets go to Heaven and I think that is something to hang on to.

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  119. Hi Tim, so sorry to hear about Lady, I love German Shepards too.
    Think about the good times you had together. She couldn’t have
    had a better family to take care of her….Martin

  120. Our condolences from our home to yours during such a sad and rough time. Just try to remember that now she is over Rainbow Bridge there are many more green tennis balls that she has to play with. She will always be in your hearts and anyone that was lucky enough to have known her are much better people because of it. We learn so much from our canine friends and family.

  121. Tim, I’m so sorry about the loss. Our pets are definitely part of our family and the loss is real. When the grief subsides, we can thank the Good Lord for giving us the gift of our pets. The Bible is not clear on whether our pets can go to heaven, but I am pretty sure animals will be there. Thank God for the time He gave you with your precious pet.

  122. What a beautiful memorial you’ve fashioned for Lady, Tim.

    The loss of a four-legged family member is devastating and I would not have been able to imagine just how devastating until we lost our beloved Miss Molly Sue several years ago.

  123. Tim, I never had a dog yet, your memories brought me to tears. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this tribute.


  124. Hi guys,

    There are no words that can make this loss any better. Savor all those memories & KNOW (Seriously, ASU did a 4 yr research project & it PROVED that consciousness continues after leaving physical bodies) Lady the Dog IS around…. look for signs and you WILL see them…. Her love for you , surely, is as strong as your love for her. PEACE

  125. Sorry for your Loss Tim.. Only people who have shared the unconditional love from Man’s best friend can understand this loss.. Lady is now upstairs playing and running like a newborn pup again, waiting for the day where she will see you again..

  126. Such a wonderful going away gift you have given her.I can imagine how many tears that have rolled down your cheeks while doing it But she will always be with you,running on the trails,swimming in the lake,laying in her special spot so she can be caressed with the warm sunlight coming in the window.Now she’ll watch the Rainbow bridge just waiting for the
    day that she’ll see you again.May God bless the both of you.

  127. So very sad – please accept my condolences – it is so very difficult to accept the passing of a “family member” – I am in tears for you folks.

  128. There is nothing harder than losing a loving child, whether it be dog, cat or human. May Lady rest in peace, and greet you at the rainbow bridge.

  129. Sorry for you and your family’s loss Tim I’ve lost 3 Dogs , family members , and it never gets easier , although I wouldn’t want it to be either , thoughts are with you ! Rest in peace Lady !

  130. Tim, I’m so sorry for your loss… I have tears running down my cheeks after reading your memorial, I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. She looks like a wonderful dog and I loved reading about her. Warm thoughts to you and yours.

  131. I have had dogs almost all my adult life. They become part of the family quickly. The loss never gets easier no matter how many times you go through it. I feel your pain.

  132. Loosing a member of your life is always tough. No words can express. Know that lady is in heaven and running like the wind, playing ball with all the other dogs!

  133. Condolences on your loss of Lady, Tim. Just as with human family members, there is no “good” way to lose them. I know you wish you had taken even more pics of Lady to reminisce about your lives together – that is a lesson for all of us. I wish you and your family peace.


  134. I’m so sorry that you lost Lady. I know how it feels and it’s not good. Please know that Lady is happy and running around still!

  135. Sorry buddy. The happiness she brought to your family can only be exceeded by the happiness your family brought to her.

    RIP Lady

  136. In time, may you find another companion to adopt and express your love for Lady by loving a new family member. In the meantime you and your family might want to reach out to a pet loss support group. Many animal shelters have them. Vet school students are also available on Grief Support Hotlines. For a list see:

  137. Very sorry for your loss, Tim. Our pets give us so much and ask so little in return. Just a friendly smile, a rub on the nose and a warm meal.
    Until you both meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

    • lady still enjoys the things she did on earth. she does it all as much as she wants. genesis chapter 1 verse 7 it says. GOD will put heaven between the 2 waters. the 2 waters are between the clouds and the oceans. so heaven is right here on earth. LADY IS RIGHT HERE WITH HER FAMILY STLL. she is happy once again! marie from poor animals of st francis inc.

    • My condolences.
      Dogs are very special friends and they leave very good and heart warming memories. May Lady Rest in Peace.

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