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You’re about to see lots of links to products that take you to It’s important for you to realize that I only link to things that I use and have served me well. You may want to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page too.

Plano Waterproof Gear Caseplano gear case 144900

This is a magnificent small and lightweight plastic case that’s easy to open and close. It’s waterproof and you can see what’s in it with no issues. I use it to store my expensive Begali Adventure Dual paddles.

BioennoPower 28-Watt Solar Panel

This is a magnificent solar panel that folds up to just larger than 10 inches by about 12 inches or so.

bioennopower solar panel

It works well with the BioennoPower PowerPack that has its own built-in voltage controller. I use this solar panel every Field Day. Why? With battery power and solar, each of my CW QSOs counts for ten points! All you high-powered SSB guys need to do TEN Qs for each one of mine. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

BioennoPower Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries

I own FIVE BioennoPower lithium-iron-phosphate batteries from the tiny 3 Ahr up to the beefy 12 Ahr one. They are lightweight and simply fantastic.

bioennopower 4.5 Ahr

This is the BioennoPower 4.5 Ahr battery. It’s small, about the size of a softball if you squared one up. CLICK or TAP HERE to have it in your hands in days. This size is my go-to battery for most of my outdoor QRP activities. It can last all day powering my Elecraft KX3.

Rite in the Rain Logbooks

I love Rite-in-the-Rain logbooks because they’re waterproof and the paper is just so durable.

I opt for the side-spiral design with the Field interior layout. As you see in the photo above the one page has six columns. Look at the photo below. I highlight the column lines for logging contacts. I love the yellow cover. If for some odd reason I drop it on the ground, it’s easy to spot. Be SURE to also add to your order the Rite-in-the-Rain ballpoint pens.

rite in rain field notebookPowerWerx Power Analyzer

This is a very handy accessory. You can monitor the health and life of your batteries if you’re outdoors for a while.

powerwerx power analyzer

I used this during the 2021 Winter Field Day in 10F temperatures and was astonished to see how little power was being used by my Elecraft KX3.

8 oz Nalgene Water Bottle

I use the below small water bottle to get my outdoor antenna up into trees. This bottle has a wide-mouth opening that allows you to fill it with small rocks, sand, or water to the desired weight you feel is right.  I drill a hole in the center of the top and use two flat washers to spread out the stress of the short length of knotted paracord that ties to the microcord below. 

nagene 8 oz water bottle

This is a perfect water bottle to throw up into a tree. CLICK or TAP HERE to have it delivered to your home.

Sog Flash II Pocket Knife

I think everyone’s got a pocket knife. This one is my favorite. It’s light, it fits my hand well and I love the stainless-steel blade with the small serrated section near the hinge. The reversible belt hook is dandy too.

sog flash II

Trident Finger Reel

My mentor, Jim Cluett – W1PID, introduced me to this fantastic Trident Finger Reel loaded with heavy polyester line. He bought his first one primarily for the excellent spool. I have to admit, it’s the best spool I’ve ever used and allows you to deploy and wind up the polyester cord fast.

I use this reel to store my 29-foot wire antenna and the Micro Cord that acts as the halyard to hoist the antenna up into a tree. I discard the stainless steel snap hook thingamajig.

diving finger spool

Halyard Micro Cord – Multi Colors

Are you hanging antennas up in trees? You’ll need microcord and parachute cord for sure. It comes in a large variety of colors.

microcord halyard

This is the micro cord I use. I have my 29-foot antenna wire on the Trident Reel first and tie the micro cord to it. 125 feet of micro cord plus the antenna fit perfectly on the reel. CLICK or TAP HERE to see how I use it to get an antenna up into a tree.

Figure 9 Carabiner by Nite Ize

I have this dandy little too clipped to a zipper on my field backpack. This unique carabiner is designed to hold onto the above polyester line. The teeth grip it so it won’t slip if you loop it through the notches as it shows. Your backpack acts as the strain relief to a large degree.

figure 9 caribiner by nite ize

CLICK or TAP HERE to have this wonderful tool in your hands in days. Wait until you see how affordable this is! CLICK or TAP HERE now.

BaoFungus UV-5R

I own two of these. I consider them disposable HTs. If I lose it or it gets broken, big deal. Better this than my $300 Yaesu VX-7R. Can you believe a decent HT for under $40???? Seriously, the BaoFeng UV-5R was less than $35 the last time I looked. The only issue is some of the older original BaoFungus radios are not FCC compliant. You buy a newer one and you can be certain it won’t generate spurious emissions.

baofeng uv5r

This is a disposable radio. You use it when you feel you might LOSE or DAMAGE your expensive $300 HT. I own two of these crazy useful HTS. CLICK or TAP HERE to have it in your hands in days.

Yaesu Radios – Time-Tested Quality

I own several Yaesu radios – the FT-8900R and two VX-7Rs. They are wonderful radios and easy to operate.

I especially LOVE the crossband repeater function in the FT-8900R.

squelch ham radio

This is the head of the FT-8900R. You can crossband repeat in seconds.

This allows me to be away from my truck with my VX-7R HT and transmit on 445.550 at just 0.5 watts. The FT-8900R in my truck receives the signal and in real-time re-transmits it out at 50 watts on some other frequency! Typically I set the FT-8900R to a local repeater. This way, if I’m out hiking and get hurt, my truck becomes a giant beacon to let people know I’m in trouble.

OGIO Gambit Backpack

I now use the OCIO backpack for my outdoor radio adventures. They have several different types. I really love the Gambit because the pockets are plentiful and it fits my Pelican 1200 case with ease. I have my Elecraft KX2 go kit in the Pelican case. This is a well-made backpack that can last you years.

ogio gambit

This is a fantastic backpack. CLICK or TAP HERE to have it on your back in three days or less.

ICOM 7300 Transceiver

My shack rig is an ICOM-7300. Hang out long enough with seasoned ham radio operators and discussions about ICOM, Kenwood, and Yaseu radios will take on the tone and authority you hear when a group starts talking about their Ford, Chevrolet, GMC or Dodge pickup trucks!

icom 7300

This is one of those radios that the community RAVES about. ICOM can’t make them fast enough. The touchscreen will BLOW YOU AWAY. CLICK or TAP HERE to have this radio in your shack in two days.

Safety Vest – Get a Surveyor’s One

If you do decide to do public service work as I do, you MUST wear a safety vest. Be sure to get one like in the photo below. You’ll need the pockets, pen holders, and the all-important speaker-microphone clips you see up just below the shoulders

safety vest

They’re super cheap. You can sew on different patches that are available from the ARRL or your local club may have some. Look below at the special patch you get if you’re one of my NEFR radio operators!  The vest in the photo above is excellent because of the pockets, pen slots, and speaker/microphone loops. It’s Class 2 and VERY VISIBLE. Get the mesh one so you don’t overheat in the summer.

Speaking of clothes, I LOVE my Duluth Trading Flex Fire Hose Work Pants that have countless pockets. They’re durable and fit really well. I wish Duluth Trading had an affiliate program. They also make this same style in shorts for summer use. I have two pair and wear them all the time.

Ladies, Duluth Trading makes a ton of stuff for women too.

This is not a bad photo, but I wish there was a close up of the pocket situation. There is a sleeve for your cell phone and both interior and the flap pockets. I LOVE these pants. They come in different fabrics, weights AND flannel lined if you live like I do in cold places.

This is not a bad photo, but I wish there was a close up of the pocket situation. There is a sleeve for your cell phone and both interior and the flap pockets. I LOVE these pants. They come in different fabrics, weights AND flannel lined if you live like I do in cold places.

The NEFR COMMS Team patch:

New England Forest Rally

Volunteer as a radio operator and I present you with this patch at a special ceremony.

5 thoughts on “Stuff I Use

  1. Hi Tim…
    I’ve always enjoyed checking out your QRP adventures but lately I find the amount of Amazon affiliate links embedded in each post harms your good credibility. You’re linking to every conceivable product you use. I know you well enough to know you don’t want to sound like a shill, but it certainly smacks of this now. I get it that it’s nice to make some income from writing, you just can’t throw in these links without identifying them. Amazon requires that you make affiliate links obvious and declare that you’re a part of the affiliate program. You need to mention this in the footer of each post at a minimum or they could cut you from the program if you get reported. Here’s what their agreement states:

    “You must clearly state the following, or any substantially similar statement previously allowed under this Agreement, on your Site or any other location where Amazon may authorize your display or other use of Program Content: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.””

    That’s the minimum to be compliant. I can’t find one mention on your site about being in the affiliate program at time of submitting this comment.

    If you don’t want to put off your readers, you should be up-front and honest about why you use the affiliate program, else it just looks sneaky. I’m sure you’ve seen this on other sites.

    Just some friendly advice, OC. I hope you take this in the right spirit.

    • Thanks, Mr. Friendly!

      You’re right, I forgot to post that policy statement. I fixed that. You can see it just below.

      I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

      It’s very interesting that you feel the links hurt my credibility. I might understand it if I was promoting crap products that I don’t use. But that’s not the case. I only link to things that I own and use myself with great success.

      But everyone’s got an opinion!

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