If you need to contact me for any reason, it’s best to do it via email.

You do realize if you put a hard-coded email address on this page that spambots scrape it and then your SPAM goes through the roof, right?

You know my first name, right?

You know that @ symbol, right?

You know the domain name here, right?

BINGO! Thats’ all you need.

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Tim,
    Was trying to call you around 14:20UTC on 14.053 Khz, however you did not mange to copy my faint signal, hi. I used 5 Watts RF output to a 42 metres slanting Deltaloop antenna. Your signal was abt RST 569!!

    73 and gud luck

    Hans, pa0hop QRP

    • Hans,

      Sorry, I was having huge issues hearing you. When I did catch some of your call, it was 559. But it was drifting in and out. I SO WANTED to complete that QSO!!!! Maybe next time! You would have been my SECOND European QSO!!!!


  2. Congrats on your Extra-Class ! It’s not easy, as I have had mine now for a long time. Third license (now that I’ll be 92 soon) KG8XC Was the Radio-Man
    71 years ago on B-29 (the war over Japan) You are a great help to the D I Y guy. 73’s Tim

  3. Hi Tim, Got your QSL card today and I’ll get one back to ya soon.

    Thanks for all the help around the house! Hope I didn’t tire you out too much… wait, I did all the work! ha ha ha …

    Keep hammering that CW Tim!
    73 de Jeff / WR2E

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