If you need to contact me for any reason, it’s best to do it via email.

You do realize if you put a hard-coded email address on this page that spambots scrape it and then your SPAM goes through the roof, right?

You know my first name, right?

You know that @ symbol, right?

You know the domain name here, right?

BINGO! Thats’ all you need.

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Tim,
    Was trying to call you around 14:20UTC on 14.053 Khz, however you did not mange to copy my faint signal, hi. I used 5 Watts RF output to a 42 metres slanting Deltaloop antenna. Your signal was abt RST 569!!

    73 and gud luck

    Hans, pa0hop QRP

    • Hans,

      Sorry, I was having huge issues hearing you. When I did catch some of your call, it was 559. But it was drifting in and out. I SO WANTED to complete that QSO!!!! Maybe next time! You would have been my SECOND European QSO!!!!


  2. Congrats on your Extra-Class ! It’s not easy, as I have had mine now for a long time. Third license (now that I’ll be 92 soon) KG8XC Was the Radio-Man
    71 years ago on B-29 (the war over Japan) You are a great help to the D I Y guy. 73’s Tim

  3. Hi Tim, Got your QSL card today and I’ll get one back to ya soon.

    Thanks for all the help around the house! Hope I didn’t tire you out too much… wait, I did all the work! ha ha ha …

    Keep hammering that CW Tim!
    73 de Jeff / WR2E

  4. Great blog Tim. I’ve been watching your home improvement videos on YT for years. Hope to work you on HF. I’m a young SOTA/VEFF (Canadian POTA counterpart) operator and I am often on 40m and 20m SSB. Are you participating in FD ?

    73 de Bram VA2XE.

    • Bram,

      TNX for you kind words about my videos. Something is in the works and there could soon be hundreds of new ones! Yes, I’ll be doing Field Day. I’ll be with my outdoor radio mentor, W1PID and another QRP legend, K1SWL.

      If you go to this page and type in my call sign in the upper left, then zoom in really tight, you’ll see the magnificent operating location we’ve chosen.

      I hope to work you! I’ll be on Saturday afternoon and night up until about 10 pm, then I’ll be on very early Sunday. I need to shut down by 9 am to go to church. I’ll probably get back on after lunch and get more contacts until it ends at 2 pm.

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