How to Add Call Sign to Facebook Page


Add Callsign to Facebook

Here are the easy steps, as of October 2015, to add a ham radio call sign as part of your name at the very top of your Facebook page.

callsign facebook

See my call sign just after my name? Both are in the red oval.

Facebook calls what you see between the (      ) a nickname. They also call it all sorts of other things in a drop-down list. For example, you may want your maiden name to appear after your name.

Here’s how to get your call sign to show up.

Go to your primary account page and click the About text link.

ham callsign facebook

Once you’re at that page, in the left column select the phrase: Details About You.

See it just above in that screenshot?

When you click it, you’ll see what you see above. Look at the lower right corner where the blue + is and it says: Add a nickname, a birth name …..

Click that and you get the following image:

ham radio callsign facebook

See the drop-down list box right to the left of the red arrow tip?

Make sure it says “Nickname“.

Type in your call sign in the box just below where you now see “What’s your nickname?”.

Be sure it’s correct.

Click the SAVE CHANGES blue rectangle and get back on the air and make a few QSOs.

It’s that easy!

IMPORTANT AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please be aware that Facebook is constantly changing their interface and rules. You MAY have to do a few things differently to get the same result I did. I can’t keep coming back here to adjust my instructions to match their whims at any given time.

TNX as we say in Morse.

15 thoughts on “How to Add Call Sign to Facebook Page

  1. I have done exactly as you indicated and it did put my call in the window however how did you get to have your call in the top corner and large as it is? If you check my facebook you will see all I could get done.


  2. It doesn’t like my call sign. Facebook keeps saying “This profile name has certain characters that aren’t allowed. Learn more about our name policies.”

    What the hell is wrong about my 2×1 call?

    73 de kd1s.

    • It sounds like you’re trying to change your profile name to your call sign. It won’t let you do that. They have some kind of algorithm for detecting real names. You want to add a nickname, which is a different field and call signs are specifically allowed. I had no problem with my 2×1.

      Dan, NR6V

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