Alvaro Maria Brignone – IU1DUB

Alvaro Maria Brignone IU1DUB/MM – Amatuer Radio Operator & Chief Engineer


Yesterday I had the unique pleasure of contacting Alvaro while he was sailing on the Atlantic Ocean aboard the MSC Titanio. CLICK HERE to read about my adventure.

After publishing the above story, I emailed Alvaro to show him where I was operating from. he was kind enough to reply with the following email.

It’s important to realize this is one reason I’m attracted to amateur radio – you get to hear from other radio operators about who they are and what they’re doing.

Ciao Tim,

Thks for the nice QSO, the conditions were not at its top but I copy you well.
I like to operate from the ship when I have some spare free time, not so much because as first engineer I am busy all the time!!!
Anyway, thanks for the email, I just visited the website, no problem at all for the photos !! I attach here some more pics of the ship. That was the previous setup with my Yaseu FT-817. The key is that one I am using also now.
I will be on air hopefully next 3 days of sailing for Lome, around 1730 UTC exactly on 14.042.5, keep listening!! I am now in Conakry, Guinea and sailing this evening for Lome, Togo.
You can follow MSC Titanio on it is one of the 4 sisterhips from Italian MESSINA LINE (SEE website previously named “Jolly Titanio” and now rented to MSC (for this reason the orange patches on the sides).
So, have more nice dx and see you soon. I will be onboard till June, and on-air almost every day of navigation! 
Ciao and 73!
Here are the photos that Alvaro sent. What a thrill! I never thought in my life I’d see the engine room of a giant container ship!

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