Potter Place Sans W1PID

potter place nh

This is the epic historic Potter Place Railroad Station. The grave of Richard Potter is just this side of the front of the caboose. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Potter Place NH – A Railroad Museum

Today I set up at Potter Place just west of Andover, New Hampshire. I’ve always come here in the past with my good friend Jim Cluett, W1PID, but today he was not feeling well.

Before arriving I had driven northwest to Gardner Memorial Wayside Park. I was on a mission to try to locate Dave Benson’s micro Pico Paddles that he misplaced a week earlier.

This is the picnic table where Dave set up. You can see I’ve blown all the leaves away. Nothing was on the ground but two .44 Magnum shell casings. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

I had taken my battery-powered leaf blower with me. I was sure the tiny paddles were hiding beneath some leaves, but I had no luck locating them.

This is a magical little park with a mesmerizing stream next to the two picnic tables. Just downstream is an old mill foundation.

The sun was just starting to peek out as I was leaving the park. I’d love to go back in time to see this mill in operation. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

It was blustery and overcast while I was at the Gardner Memorial Wayside State Park, so I left to head back towards Andover, NH.

Potter Place has a rich history. Richard Potter, a famous magician, lived here and the Boston & Main Railroad’s main line was here. If you close your eyes, you can often hear in the distance a chugging steam engine and a train whistle. Those that can’t are non-believers when it comes to all things railroad.

richard potter nh facts

This is all you need to know about Richard Potter. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

I ate lunch and walked around taking some photos enjoying the sunshine before I set up my radio. I think I was just trying to stay busy since Jim was not there.

Richard Potter’s grave is just next to the railroad tracks and I’m hoping that somehow his headstone is restored because in another 200 years you’ll no longer be able to read his name.

RIP Richard – I wish I could have seen your magic show! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

It only took me a few minutes to set up. One throw got my water bottle over the tree and within a few minutes, my 29-foot wire was attached to my 9:1 unun. I decided to also connect a 19-foot counterpoise from the unun and it’s really helped me get a perfect SWR with my Elecraft KX-2.

tim carter w3atb potter place

Jim takes better photos of me. I hope he gets better soon so we can go out again. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Within a few minutes of turning on my radio, I heard activity on 20 meters. I first heard a German station with a prefix of DK8, but I couldn’t make out the rest of his callsign.

Minutes later I heard Gerald, PA3GEG calling CQ. I responded and he heard me. What’s more, he recorded our QSO! You can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

Next up I contacted Bj√∂rn, DH3LLB. It was exhilarating as I was able to fully copy everything he sent. That’s a first for me. I only wish Jim had been there to watch me do it.

I could have made more contacts, but I decided to pack up and head home. Next week I hope to get out with Jim and maybe Dave Benson. Soon the weather will be frigid, so now’s the time to get as many QSOs as possible in the stunning New Hampshire fall weather.

radio gear at potter place

This is my gear for today’s Potter Place adventure. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

8 thoughts on “Potter Place Sans W1PID

  1. Concerning the paddles – if only you knew someone that lived nearby and had the ability to locate small metal objects hidden from view!

    • Oh, I thought about you!!! Dave had gone back himself a day or so later, and looked intently. He’s convinced someone chucked them into the stream just ten feet away. That’s a plausible possibility.

      You can still go out there! Set that detector for the surface as I’ll bet tons of stuff is in the ground there from quite a few picnics in the past!

        • I’m not sure if he had a small cable attached. They do come with a 3-foot small diameter cord with a standard 1/8-inch jack on the end.

          The table he was at is the one closest to the road. You can estimate where he parked and walked straight towards the table. I blew all those leaves too. It’ll be a miracle if you find it.

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