M0UAL – My First European QSO



It was bound to happen. My zepp dipole antenna is oriented so it sends a strong signal to the northeast. Northeast of me is 2500 miles of Atlantic Ocean.

This afternoon I sent CQ CQ CQ DE W3ATB W3ATB and who came back?

Alasdair Campbell, M0UAL !

This is Alasdair's address from QRZ.com. It's a great resource allowing me to send him a QSL card.

This is Alasdair’s address from QRZ.com. It’s a great resource allowing me to send him a QSL card.

He lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK. Look closely at his address. Tell me that’s not super cool! No street address – just “The Stiperstones”. What’s that? Wouldn’t you love to know?

Well, the Stiperstones is a craggy jagged hill that’s quite famous in western England. At first when I saw Alasdair’s address, I thought it might be some large estate by that name.

Shrewsbury is about 150 miles northwest of London and about 15 miles east of Wales. He lives in the countryside and it’s beautiful.

This is what it looks like just above Alasdair's house. Wow!

This is what it looks like just above Alasdair’s house. Wow!

Alasdair told me the weather there today was cool and dry. I was having some trouble hearing him because another station was stepping on his signal. That happens by accident because another operator may not hear Alasdair or me doing our conversation.

Suffice it to say I was pretty excited!

The red balloon is where his town is located. Thanks Alasdair for answering my call. You were infinitely patient with me.

The red balloon is X marks the spot!

The red balloon is X marks the spot!

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2 thoughts on “M0UAL – My First European QSO

  1. Hi Tim,

    Many thanks for the mention in your blog and it was my pleasure to be your 1st European CW qso!

    I got your qsl card, thanks and will send you mine shortly. Sorry I haven’t sent one sooner but I’m in the middle of changing card designs. If I don’t make much progress on a new design I’ll send a standard template one to confirm our qso.

    Thanks again and good luck with the CW. I’ve only been doing it a few years myself but it’s a fantastic mode and a great skill that I guess we all never stop enjoying and learning!

    73 and hope to work you again sometime.

    • Al, I’ve gotten much better in just seven weeks. I took off for nearly six weeks spanning Christmas and New Years, but I’m back at it harder than ever. I can now truly hear the code, so long as the other operator just slows down. I’m in love with CW, especially QRP outdoor radio. Read about my first experience doing a QRP QSO.

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