Leaf Peepers 2018 Scores

leaf peepers qrp contest

Call Sign Name Score
N2CX Joe Everhart 3264
WA4GIR Joe White 1180
NJ3K Bruce Manning 1152
WB3GCK Craig LaBarge 882
W2RAN Ran 630
N8BB Werner Haschke 320
K1SWL Dave 276
WA1HRH Tom Barker 150
N6IET/P #N/A 96
KE3V Kevin McKenna 75
K8TCS Tad Smedes 72
N8XX Sqawker 48
N8RVE John Morris 45
K0EMT Bryan Nehl 39
N9XCK Danny Cerminara 24
K3COD Robert Bergmueller 18
W3ATB Tim Carter 15
K3RLL Don 10
N4ESS Rich Kennedy 6
KK4ITX John Leahy 5
AD0YM Mike Smith 5
VA3NU Larry 5
KK4ITX John Leahy 5

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