How to Build a 2M J-Pole with Ladder Line

Ladder Line 2M J Pole Antenna – Easy to Build

Ladder line is heavy duty and can easily handle the 50 watts put out by most mobile radios.

A ladder line 2M j pole antenna is a perfect antenna to hang from a tall tree branch to boost your outgoing transmissions and to help you hear weak stations.

Watch these videos to get an idea of how to build a 2-meter j-pole antenna. The top video has a very nice part that allows you to connect your coax to the antenna.

Are There Other 2M Antenna Options?

Yes, Ralph Milroy – KB1CPM, shared a tip about a quarter wave 2M antenna that you can suspend from a tree branch. That video is the BOTTOM one in the stack below.

Here’s the 2M VHF 1/4-Wave Ground Plane Antenna video:

There are MORE how-to videos on YouTube. Just enter ladder line j pole antenna into the YouTube search engine or CLICK or TAP HERE.

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