Custom Ham Radio Hats

My mail came late yesterday and I didn’t bother to go get it.

This morning I opened the box at the top of the drive and in it was a square lightweight box addressed to me from a Jude Gelinas from New York.

What could it be?

My first thought was it was from some obscure public relations (PR) woman as not a week goes by that I don’t get a new tool, or home-building product sample from any number of PR folks.

I’m the guy and PR people pitch me constantly about new tools, products and services for contractors and homeowners.

My vanity call sign is based on my business. Get it?

www Ask The Builder

Wrong! It was a wonderful custom ham radio hat!

Here’s the hat. Jude can put any text you want on the hat and I’m sure any symbol. Reach out and ask her. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to see any number of designs she’s done. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Jude is a licensed radio operator like me. Her call sign is W2AYV. It was her dad’s call sign and she got it as a vanity call in his honor. That’s very cool.

Jude also does custom t-shirts and embroidered polo shirts. CLICK HERE to see her Etsy store.

Here’s me modeling the handsome hat! I’ll be taking it with me on my upcoming outdoor radio trip to Oregon and N. California next week. CLICK MY FACE NOW to see a variety of Jude’s designs. Remember, she can make anything if you can draw or describe it. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

I called Jude and sent her an email to this story.

She got back later in the day and it turns out my very very good friend Dan Murray is the instigator of all this happiness!

Thanks so much Dan!

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