Cookie Crumble

Official Cookie Crumble QRP Contest Page

2020 Date:  Sunday, June 7th

1700 – 2200Z


(C) Copyright 2016 Emily Saldana All Worldwide Rights Reserved

The Cookie Crumble Contest is a fun QRP contest inspired by the popularity of Emily Saldana’s – WC3R (formerly KB3VVE) – chocolate-chip cookies during the 2016 ARRL – National Parks On The Air (NPOTA) event. Emily, for the rest of time, will be known as the Cookie Queen – a moniker given to her by one of the NPOTA participants.

CLICK HERE for 2017 Contest SCORES.

CLICK HERE for 2018 Contest SCORES.

2019 Contest Results at the bottom of this page.

Your quest, should you wish to accept it, is to travel throughout the kingdom to *find and eat* as many cookies as possible during the five-hour contest.

  • When: SundayJune 7, 2020 
  • Time: 1700 to 2200Z
  • Mode: SSB, CW & Digital (any/all modes)
  • Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2 meters and any UHF band you want to munch on
  • Power: 5 watts max for CW & Digital  / 10 watts max SSB
  • Exchange: RST / SPC (state, province, country) / Cookie # / Name
  • Suggested CQ:  “CQ CC” or “CQ Cookie Crumble Contest”

Contest Recipe, Rules & Requirements

The Cookie Crumble Contest is intended to be a fun, low-stress contest that builds friendship and improves operating skills. No gluttony permitted at any time.

Because it’s a QRP contest, expect to find most of the activity around the common QRP watering holes. CLICK HERE for a list of them.

Cookie Crumble Numbers:

Digestion and maximum RF pleasure is aided by becoming a *cookie*. You do this by obtaining your Cookie Crumble number.

Your number is assigned for life or until such time as Pangea – the supercontinent – reforms. Numbers start at 100 and proceed in order as operators request them to infinity.

Look far below for a list of assigned Cookie Crumble Numbers and associated call signs.

Sorry, no special requests for numbers.

Apply for your Cookie Crumble Number by filling out this simple formSTOP!!!

Read the following:



  • Your number is automatically assigned and will appear below in 30 minutes – BE PATIENT. REFRESH THE PAGE TO SEE YOUR NUMBER.
  • Your name and number will appear exactly as you entered them in the signup form
  • You will NOT receive a welcome email with your number – just look below in 30 minutes

The numbers are automagically generated and you can get one as late as 30 minutes BEFORE the start of the contest. Pretty cool, huh? Remember, wait the THIRTY MINUTES after clicking SUBMIT until you see your name and call sign at the BOTTOM of the spreadsheet below.


Use the slide bars to move up and down and right and left. There’s lots of data there!

Special Cookies:

Each year there will be special cookie operators out in the ether kitchen. Some you want to find and others you want to avoid.

(C) Copyright 2016 Emily Saldana All Worldwide Rights Reserved

(C) Copyright 2016 Emily Saldana All Worldwide Rights Reserved

Cookie Monsters are your friends. When they say their name is “Monster”, you’ll know you’ve found one. Yummy!

Do a QSO with a Cookie Monster and your point total for this QSO is 13 (baker’s dozen) times the monster’s cookie crumble number!

Do the math, it’s a huge number! There will be multiple cookie monsters so find as many as possible.

(C) Copyright 2016 Emily Saldana All Worldwide Rights Reserved

(C) Copyright 2016 Emily Saldana All Worldwide Rights Reserved

Burnt Cookies should be avoided. They taste terrible. Do a QSO with a Burnt Cookie and put a minus 50 points next to his call sign on your scorecard. UGH. You’ll know when you’ve bit into a Burnt Cookie when he sends his name: BURNE

To volunteer to be a Cookie Monster or a Burnt Cookie, send a request to


CLICK HERE to download the official Excel spreadsheet to use to add up your total points.

Simple scoring:

Work another Cookie station and her/his cookie crumble number is your point score for that QSO. It doesn’t matter what mode it is.

Work a non-cookie crumble operator and each QSO is worth 10 points.

For every five cookie-crumble operators you work, add an additional 50 points to your score.

Portable stations add 350 points to their total score.

You can work the same station on multiple bands during the contest and each QSO on a different band adds to your total.

Your total score at the end of the contest is the TOTAL of:

  • the point value of each QSO
  • extra points from consuming Cookie Monsters
  • minus points from biting into a Burnt Cookie
  • extra points from Facebook participation – see below
  • any extra points from all extra things – read all above / below

To get the maximum points available, it pays to:

  • Work as many cookie stations as possible
  • Find the Cookie Monsters
  • Avoid the Burnt Cookies
  • Participate in the official Cookie Crumble Contest Facebook page

CLICK HERE to download the official Cookie Crumble Contest Scoring Spreadsheet. All traces of chocolate and sugar have been removed.

Submitting Your Score:

Once you have completed the spreadsheet, and have your TOTAL SCORE, fill out this SIMPLE FORM to submit it.

Your score will automagically appear below in a spreadsheet after a 30-MINUTE WAIT PERIOD. Please only submit your score one time. Be patient for it to show up on the spreadsheet.

You can submit your score as soon as the contest ends. There’s no end date as to when you can send in your score.


You can self-spot. Self-spotting is ENCOURAGED to build awareness of the contest and to allow you to get lots of Cookie points! Suggested text in the spot notes: Cookie Crumble Contest

Spotting can be done on any of the spotting websites and is encouraged on the Cookie Crumble Contest Facebook page.  happens to be a favorite of Tim and Emily.

It is BAD MANNERS to spot the location of either Cookie Monsters and Burnt Cookies. Let others in the contest just stumble across them.

NEVER EVER spot the location, band, frequency of any of the Cookie Monsters or Burnt Cookies.


Important: You do not have to have a Facebook account to participate in this contest. It enhances your experience because other operators will be exchanging stories and spots on the Facebook page.

Post a picture of yourself on the Cookie Crumble Contest Facebook page while operating during the contest and get 350 points.

Upload an additional photo of you biting into a cookie and you can add 425 more points. Don’t let cookie crumbs foul your key or microphone.

Post a short limerick on the Cookie Crumble Contest Facebook page and get an extra 225 points.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you get 50,000 or 5 points.

It’s all about getting on the air and feeling that excitement when you hear the name: MONSTER or BURNE.


Banter and other jovial conversation is ENCOURAGED during the contest on the Cookie Crumble Contest Facebook page.

Should you suffer from indigestion from consuming too many cookies, then seek immediate medical attention or drink copious amounts of milk.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-7-12-03-pmThis contest is a joint venture between Emily Saldana – WC3R and Tim Carter – W3ATB.

Tim had wanted to put together a new QRP contest for a year before meeting Emily. His inspiration happened after having a blast during the Zombie Shuffle contest on Halloween, 2015.

However, Tim wanted some new twist that had never been done before and it’s possible this is the first ever amateur radio contest that has NEGATIVE points. All in good fun of course.

Emily is based in south-central PA and Tim hails from central NH.

If you have any positive comments send them to Tim.



Official Cookie Crumble Contest Complaint Form (Shown 2X normal size!)

To file a complaint or an official protest, send it to Emily on an official Cookie Crumble Contest Complaint Form.

You can make one by tracing a standard postage stamp on a scrap piece of paper and then cut around the outline. Forms larger than this will not be accepted under any circumstances.